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Finding support and help: how community can make a difference

Updated: May 9

How about astronomy?!

Kids love looking at the stars - where they can see them, that is. In the southeast desert of Utah we are lucky to have that privilege and we make sure to be a part of teaching the youth what they want to know about outer space.

After one of the local school teachers were unable to secure a small grant for purchasing software for her planetarium dome, Ruris stepped in a raised $800 to donate to that cause - thanks to a consulting firm and retired mental health professional.

The big, dark, indoor dome allows a school class to go inside a view presentations that highlight the wonders of our universe. This updated software replaces the antiquated one that came with the dome many years ago; the teacher, who is a science and NASA enthusiast, is thrilled to get this opportunity to every child in Escalante.

There are additional presentation packages that are available to build the students' knowledge and curiosity that she needs to purchase later this year - can you spare a small donation to help this engaged educator and her students? (please visit our homepage, the donate button is near the bottom)

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